About Us

Probus employees

Who We Are

Probus Online Inc. is an Internet retailer that manufactures and sells private label and established branded products through multiple online channels.

What We Do

We sell private label and established branded products through multiple online channels. What sets Probus apart from other Internet retailers? The competitive advantage we bring to the e-commerce world includes knowing how to turn clicks into sales. We manage all processes ourselves, including website development, supply chain management, warehouse and fulfillment, and customer service.



Results is the only objective. We know how to get results by using the best of class technology platforms and applying best practices to Search Engine Optimization, Web Site Design and Optimization, Paid Advertising, Promotions, Lead Generation and Email Marketing.

Product sourcing

Product Sourcing

Our ability to manage the manufacturing of high quality private label products gives you an edge over the competition. We manage every aspect of the manufacturing process from concept, prototyping, and manufacturing to packaging and inspections.

Global transportation

Supply Chain Management

Our relationships with global transportation providers enable you to get the best service and the best price—from ocean shipping containers and customs brokers to the smallest domestic package.

Warehouse and fulfillment

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Our in-house data system enables us to monitor products from work-in-process (at the factory) to warehouse and fulfillment and throughout the life of the product.


Our Stores

We deliver results. Best practices have been applied to each of the services we offer. The success of our stores reflects how our core competencies contribute to e-commerce success.

Our Vision and Values

Vision Statement